Friday, February 12, 2010

Quilt Pictures I promised to post!

Here are a few of the beautiful quilts that my mom has given my family over the years. Some are handquilted, but most are not machine quilted by a lovely women in Missouri!

This one was made for my son Ian after he was born.

This was the one made for Sofia after she was born.

This is Ian's newest quilt...Very cool fish pattern!

This quilt graces Sofia's bed. It came with a matching throw pillow. Thanks Granny!!!

The last one shown is the wonderfully snuggly, warm quilt that Mom gave us for Christmas. This photo does NOT do it justice. It is a combo of cottons and chenille in a dark red/raspberry color and the back is a dark forest green FLANNEL. The kids argue about who's turn it is to snuggle under Granny's quilt!

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