Friday, February 12, 2010

New things to come

I've been sewing like crazy the past few weeks...actually I think that's going to be a regular thing (YEAH!). I'm continuing to plug away at orders from the stores who graciously offer my products as well as fill special orders and I'm desparately trying to build up my inventory for spring. I absolutely HAVE to start on spring/summer wear for girls next week.

On top of all that, I finally launched a Facebook Fan Page for The Painted Daisy (Here's the link: I hope it works!) And I'm trying to add a lot of older inventory to my Etsy site so I can do weekly sales!

Pssst.... If you fan my FB page I'm offering 25% off any item in my Etsy store!!!

WOOT! I also (finally) got around to prototyping a leather bag with a zip top. I collect a lot of leather hide scraps from the upholstery shop and I'm pretty happy with the first try. I didn't make a pattern or anything, just free handed it. I'll get a pic posted soon. Need to tweak the zipper and handle attachments, but not too bad for a first shot!

Sewing machine is calling my name...Later peeps!

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