Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Fling!

The Painted Daisy is a proud sponsor of the Spring Fling Craftacular!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lunch Sack Preview

I've had a request for custom lunch sacks and finally had a chance to give it a go. Here's a little preview of the first prototype. It's tiny!! Will definitely be increasing the size (like double) for the next try. Overall I love the style and design. First time sewing with PUL (waterproof lining) and it didn't require a teflon foot, which was great!
I'll work on the larger, final version later today-it's always fun refining a new design!

Friday, March 26, 2010

77 Zippers!

I LOVE thrift stores...even when you go with an idea of what you are looking for, some other treasure may present itself!

Today I delivered some handmade lovelies to the newest store that is carrying my work (Anthology-a wonderful paper goods and gift shop on State Street in Madison, WI. I have a link to their wonderful website over on my sidebar.) There are some pics at the top of this post. If you would like to see more, check out my photo album on my Facebook Fan Page: Oh, and if you fan me you are eligible for a one time 25% off any purchase in my Etsy shop!

Back to the post... after my drop off I stopped at a few places and hit the jackpot! I got 77 zippers at one shop...I think the total bill was only $30!!! It was a score I just had to share!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Featured Favorite Seller

I've been lax in keeping up with my featured seller posts! Here are some delightful ear decorations from a lovely woman named Cynthia. She is the creative force behind her Etsy shop Her gorgeous earrings are deceptively light. I was wary about the large ones (named Jemma); but she was right, they are light as air!
Take a peak at her shop-she's working toward that elusive 100 sales mark!

Enjoy :)

Sneak Peak!

Here's a sneak peak at what's going to be posted tonight!
Bags made from upcycled vintage table linens, aprons, men's sportcoats and there might even be some new textiles thrown in too!

The Creepy Crawlies are Out...Spring is Here!

Spring is here...Sofia has started her bug quest. I'm not the biggest fan of creepy-crawlies, but I embrace the naturalist in her (must be that Batha blood). Yesterday she recruited her friend Mara to assist in the hunt. I think all they found were some odd looking beetle larvae, a few little red wormies and some roly polies.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I made the front page of Etsy TWICE this month...and didn't even know it

Thanks so much to my friend Jess ( , I am now aware that I made the front page of Etsy twice earlier this month! I knew I was in the treasuries...but not that they made the front page...

There is this wonderful site called *Craftcult* ( That hosts an archive of all the treasury lists that have made the front page. You can also use the *Heartomatic* to see how many item hearts you have.

Here are screenshots of my brief moments of fame!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Recap...Cupcakes & Crafts

Sending out a great big THANKS to everyone that attended Cupcakes & Crafts last evening at The Daisy Cafe on Atwood Ave in Madison, WI. A nice time was had by all...was too busy to grab a cupcake, but they looked delicious! I am planning a trip back during spring break with the kids.

Check out links to some of the other great crafters that were showcased at this event:

The windows were open today and the fresh air felt great! Has spring sprung? I hope so!

Friday, March 12, 2010


The Painted Daisy arm warmers are featured in this pinkalicious blog posting by Pink-That Crafty Bitch! Check it out!

I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this blog...very cool postings!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lovely Spring Skirts for my Etsy Shop NOW

Special thanks to all my lovely models: Anna, Lydia, Natalie and Sofia!

Upcycled Sweaters for little girls

I gave a *howdy* to Kat O'Sullivan of KATWISE last week...and gained blessing to replicate her awesome style of reconstructed sweaters--but for little girls! She doesn't do anything for kids, so I'm gonna fill that little niche (and give her credit!)

Here's one I whipped up Saturday for my little Sofia. She loves being the guinea pig for all my little girl styles. I made a Sweater Coat too...just haven't had a chance to take a pic yet.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Life Cycle of a Sweater

I love all the sweater creations I've come up with during the past 4 months. Most have been accidental inspiration, or morphed from something I've seen. The Mix Up Sweater started it all...then came the Sweater Flower Brooch (that no one on Etsy loved, but it was a hit at the fall/winter shows), followed closely by the Sweater Pillow...then I decided to give arm warmers/fingerless gloves a try because I knew my mom would love having a pair for cold evenings in the winter.

However one day a few weeks ago a nice customer that purchased several pairs of arm warmers asked for leg I added leg warmers to my repetoire! Jill (the customer) was nice enough to share some pix of her wearing a pair of the legwarmers-along with her dogs Scooby and Hunter, who seem to love the camera! Take a peek:

Thanks for sharing Jill!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Come browse my newest products and spring previews at Crafts & Cupcakes on March 14th. There will be cupcakes and other treats for sale in the Cafe and lots of local artists!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Time for another featured friend

I think I missed doing my featured Etsy friend last week! I've been waiting for my friend Jess to finish adding items to her shop so I can brag about her awesome stuff...

Jess is a very talented crocheter. I love the hat she made my daughter (it's featured in an earlier post) and she recently made Sofia a matching scarf and she made me the loveliest cowl type scarf that is wide enough for me to pull up on my head as a hood. I love it!!! I will have to get some pics so everyone can see.

Anyway, her latest and greatest are these handy and beautiful little pretty clips on a line.

I also adore these cards and Easter baskets. She does the Sweet Tweet cards for every season, but the springs ones make me happiest. I think I'll be using them for all my Easter cards this year :)

When I met Jess, the first item I saw at her table (we had met via Etsy, then I got to shake her hand in person at a craft show) was The Snug Bug. Boy, do I wish I had found one of these when my kids were little babies. My son in particular would have LOVED it! The best I get to do now is buy them for friends that are having babies...and not too many of my friends are still having babies...guess I'm getting old :(