Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Life Cycle of a Sweater

I love all the sweater creations I've come up with during the past 4 months. Most have been accidental inspiration, or morphed from something I've seen. The Mix Up Sweater started it all...then came the Sweater Flower Brooch (that no one on Etsy loved, but it was a hit at the fall/winter shows), followed closely by the Sweater Pillow...then I decided to give arm warmers/fingerless gloves a try because I knew my mom would love having a pair for cold evenings in the winter.

However one day a few weeks ago a nice customer that purchased several pairs of arm warmers asked for leg I added leg warmers to my repetoire! Jill (the customer) was nice enough to share some pix of her wearing a pair of the legwarmers-along with her dogs Scooby and Hunter, who seem to love the camera! Take a peek:

Thanks for sharing Jill!

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