Monday, March 1, 2010

Time for another featured friend

I think I missed doing my featured Etsy friend last week! I've been waiting for my friend Jess to finish adding items to her shop so I can brag about her awesome stuff...

Jess is a very talented crocheter. I love the hat she made my daughter (it's featured in an earlier post) and she recently made Sofia a matching scarf and she made me the loveliest cowl type scarf that is wide enough for me to pull up on my head as a hood. I love it!!! I will have to get some pics so everyone can see.

Anyway, her latest and greatest are these handy and beautiful little pretty clips on a line.

I also adore these cards and Easter baskets. She does the Sweet Tweet cards for every season, but the springs ones make me happiest. I think I'll be using them for all my Easter cards this year :)

When I met Jess, the first item I saw at her table (we had met via Etsy, then I got to shake her hand in person at a craft show) was The Snug Bug. Boy, do I wish I had found one of these when my kids were little babies. My son in particular would have LOVED it! The best I get to do now is buy them for friends that are having babies...and not too many of my friends are still having babies...guess I'm getting old :(