Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whew! Shows are over :-)

Well, I have learned many lessons in the past few months. First, 5 shows in 6 weeks (when you aren't already prepared) is TOO MUCH! Second, never under-estimate how fast your business might grow! Third, plan your work a bit more and stay ahead of the game!!

That last item is my New Year's Resolution. I have a plan in place to help me stay ahead of the curve (I hope) for 2010. I feel blessed that so many wonderful people have been purchasing my handmade goodies and new items are continually in the works. I really want to revisit the wool peacoats for little girls, I have a great idea for a coordinating line of girl's clothing for spring with vintage and new textiles, vintage inspired dresses for women and several new bags I want to prototype this winter. We'll see what makes the cut!

Here's a peek at my newest item...Upcycled sweaters made from two (or more) previous sweaters. I even went crazy with the leftover scraps and have been making bunches of sweater flowers. I'm crazy about the sweater flowers...they ROCK!

The sweater in this pic was made from two ultra soft cashmere sweaters. I made a sweater flower to match this sweater (sold together) because it (the sweater) was just screaming for a flower to decorate its lapel!

Here's more of the lovely sweater flowers that are for sale on my etsy site:

Happy Holidays to all!

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