Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post Holiday Update

Hope everyone out there had a fun and relaxing holiday weekend. I have one more small family get together today and then I can thrust myself back into my crafty routine.

In between all the hustle and bustle last week I did have some down time and found the opportunity to mock up some Sweater Pillows! The latest in my obsession to use every little scrap of fabric from my Mix Up Sweaters. I have several done and will get them posted on my website (www.thepainteddaisy.etsy.com) at the end of the week. I am waiting breathlessly for my newest toy to arrive.....Photography Lights!!!

My children gave me a tripod for Christmas and my grandpa gave me the lights. I can't wait to put it all together and hopefully improve the photos I take of my wonderful creations. I've been reading up on eHow and Etsy how to take better photos and am all set to give it a try. Because, let's face it, 80% of the photos on my site right now suck. Despite my previous efforts, the lighting and wall color in my home have not lent themselves to good photo backdrops. I have an area in my upstairs that will soon be converted into my mini studio. Keep your fingers crossed that my photos improve!!

Kids are pleased with their Santa loot. Sofia got all the sporting equipment on her list and Ian is in heaven with his monster Nerf Vulcan and military history documentaries. Both are excited to hit the trails on their new Cross Country Skiis. Now the whole family is outfitted and no more trips to Madison to rent skiis for the kids when we want to take a little trek into the woods.

Quinn (the new dog) LOVED Christmas morning. All the smells! All the crinkly paper! All the candy hiding amongst the crinkly paper on the ground! All the rawhide bones in his stocking! He was super annoying and super cute. Kodiak chilled with her rawhide chips and kept watch over everything. I have cute photos to post when I finally get around to downloading the camara.

Happy Tuesday!

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