Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh Hey! I almost forgot. Our family has grown by one recently!!! Please join me in welcoming Quinn. He's a middle-aged (somewhere between 3-5 yrs) Black Lab. Kodiak needed a companion and oooh la la, she's a cougar now, shacking up with a man less than half her mature 12 years! No, really, this was an impulse decision. We found out in passing that there was a super nice, older lab at a local county Human Society shelter. My heart went out to this poor baby that had been there for months and needed a nice family to give him a home. Seems no one wanted to take a chance on an 80 lb male that had a penchant for running and was stronger than an ox, ha ha ha.

Quinn's a lover and great family dog. I think he's going to be a good hunter too...he's got a great nose. So great that he's been caught stealing a little snack from the counter in the past week since he joined the household.

Kodi has adjusted to her new roomie and seems to take it in stride, like everything else, she is an easygoing old lady. One nice perk we didn't know would come from this addition...Kodi has stopped wandering down the block everytime we take her outside. She seems happy to circle the yard with Quinn and come back in with him when called.

I'll add a picture next time!

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