Friday, November 20, 2009

New Skirts!!!

Finally...I have all my stuff packed for DIY...everything at Tamara's for her Holiday open house and all that is left to do is pack my overnight bag. Whew!!! I even found time to vacuum my car today :-)
The new skirts will be previewed on Saturday at both DIY in Chicago and at Tamara's here in Stoughton. I love the style and have sold a few to friends already! Denim skirt, cut on the bias so its a nice a-line shape, soft padded elastic waist (by request from Tam :p...but it works!) and fun print fabric at the hemline to add pizazz. Here's a few of the little girl's skirts and a sample of hemline fabrics from the women's skirts. I would have taken more pix but it started to rain!

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