Friday, March 1, 2013

Most of my friends know that I split my time between my own sewing business and working for an upholstery shop. Jason, the owner and master upholsterer, and I work together on a variety of different projects. The other guy in the photo on the far left is Brian - the resident lifter, delivery guy, deconstructor, mechanical parts guy and sometimes furniture refinisher. I sort of come and go from the shop as my schedule allows. For this reason I don't get involved in some of the really big projects anymore. Here's an example of a sofa I helped Jason with awhile back - it was custom built from the frame out. The customer brought in a photo of a sofa from a catalog. Jason customized it to her specifications, including a loose base cushion that could be flipped. Our finished product! The past two weeks I worked on a few smaller projects - here's one. A customer needed a lumbar pillow for their favorite chair. They brought in the seat cushion and I created this pillow out of a coordinating fabric we had leftover from a different project.

Here's another - new cushions for this glider rocker. Here's the project in process...

All that is left is inserting the seat cushion and replacing the fill for the back and adding button tufting. Jason will handle that for me....I won't be back in the shop until next week.
I'm excited about my next project - It's a set of cushions for a friend. Wait until you see the before & afters!

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