Monday, June 6, 2011

Patchwork is the *Word*

I am currently obsessed with patchwork! I think it is carrying over from all the reconstructed sweaters, scarves and arm warmers I've spent the past 10 months creating!

Here's a new patchwork Frances Skirt (so dubbed "Patchwork Fran") that I just debuted in my Etsy shop last week:

And an ugly pic of me wearing a red...

These were born out of my inability to throw out scraps. I had 4 60 gallon garbage bags FULL of scraps. So I sorted them, trimmed and starting sewing together yardage in color families. Dark red, bright red and cinnamon brown are done. Next up, peach/orange, blues and dark brown, to be followed by greens, golds, pink, fuschia and blacks.

I also have a dozen pieces of patched together scraps of cotton fabric. My mom is a very talented quilter and I give her my bags of sorted cotton scraps and she pieces them together into pleasing yardage for totes and bags. Those will be coming soon, as well as some simpler twill totes with tattered ruffles!

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