Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best Christmas Gift!

First, let me start by saying I have been horrible at keeping up with blog posts. That is all going to change in 2011! My New Years resolution is to post something interesting about my sewing business, the upholstery shop, my life or anything EVERY week in 2011! I will even label the posts 1 - 52 for each week.

With that said, let me end 2010 with a post about the awesome Christmas gift I got from my husband. In 1997 my great grandmother passed away and I had the privilege to assist in cleaning out her home. I came home with MANY fabric treasures, and a few other, non-textile related treasures. One of those being her cuckoo clock, which unfortunately had experienced an accident and was in a couple pieces and not working. My grandfather had purchased this for her in 1952.

I have been hauling that broken cuckoo clock around for 13 years! It has lived in his box in Madison, Dayton, Ohio and 2 houses in Stoughton. Dave dug it out and took it in to a clock restorer to be refurbished! Unfortunately it was not done in time for me to have the working clock on Christmas morning, but I got a few of repaired pieces in my present, with the rest to be done in the near future.

Now, the big question....where will I hang this heirloom...and will I torture my family with the hourly "cuckoo" noise that I love? Hmmmm, I'll report on that after it is hung and working :)

Best wishes in 2011 to all my followers. I appreciate each and every one of you!

Happy New Year!


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  1. My grandmother had this same clock! I recognized the pieces! My dad bought it for her when he was stationed in Germany in 1950. It is a Black Forrest Cuckoo Clock. It never really ran as I remember... just hung in her dining room. My mom said that one day, years ago, there was a thunderstorm that suddenly came up, thunder boomed and the cuckoo cuckooed 13 times and then stopped and never made another sound again! My sister got it after my grandmother died and had it refinished. It was in her house for about a year and drove her family crazy...but not my sister! So she gave it to my mom. It runs but I can't seem to get it to keep perfect time. The cuckooing doesn't bother her. She says she never hears it when she is sleeping. It is nice though for her to have it now that my grandmother and dad are gone. It brings back such good memories! I hope yours will for you too!

    Katy :)